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Devamag Talent Management division is a 21st century hybrid entertainment & fashion management company driven by two important disciplines — A&R and Marketing. Devamag was founded by Deivis H. Valdes who is also Founder of the platform and international community for creative industries UnofEx known as Union of Excellence.

Devamag Management represents hand-selected, songwriter, producer mixer talent, influencer and models around the world and is working within the entertainment industry, in every prominent genre.

We created Devamag Management with a new model for the entertainment, fashion and music industry based on 10 years of experience in the industry, and interest in discovering new ways to propel clients in an ever-changing environment in how people discover and consume music, art and fashion. 


With specialists in artist management, songwriter/producer creative, A&R, tv/film/advertising synch licensing, digital, branding/marketing and international strategy — Devamag is a one stop for talent. Devamag has a US focus with relationships and also direct partnerships on the highest level in Europe with exclusive brands and corporate clients. 


A unique component to Devamag is the team’s focus on building intellectual property and ancillary businesses for clients in addition to their primary careers.  Headquartered in New York and representative offices in Europe, Devamag works closely with heads of television networks,  film studios ad agencies, and gaming companies to place music within visual media. 


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