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Brand Partnership Explaination


Share your message with music

Never before was so much music heard as today.

Brand Partnership stands for the development of individual strategies. Repertoire overarching synergies and the intelligent networking of brand and artists.The focus is on holistic concepts such as multi-artist models, testimonials, and video product placement will be realized in cooperation with the fields of marketing, promotion, sales, live entertainment and music licensing.

About Brand Partnership

We are the reliable partner which offers customized solutions in the areas of Branded Entertainment & Music Licensing and demonstrates their power values. 


With years of experience in the music and media industry and our keen sense of current trends, we are a competent consultant and guide you in choosing the ideal artists and compositions for the effective communication of your brand.




About Brand Partnership

Brand Partnership Services

Brand Partnership Services

Holistic Music Concept


Access to all artists of Devamag and our prime wire to management and media. gives you an edge for your brand.




Our songs and our artists are credible and trendy ambassadors of your brand.


Video Product Placements


Reach your target audience precisely with rotationally strong video clips.




Emotionalise your partners and customers on unique and exclusive events.


Cross Media Communication


Take advantage of our highly frequented artist and label platforms on Facebook and YouTube, as well as newsletters and websites for your message.


Tour Sponsorship


Communicate your brand intensively and effectively with emotional concert experiences.




Benefit from image and success of our songs and artists without even switching a spot.


Services Explaination

Our thoughts processes start with the needs of our brand partners. Achieve your marketing objectives with music by emotionalization:

  • Activate online channels


  • Credible and exclusive content


  • Awareness of a specific audience


  • Use ranges of the songs, video clips, stars and projects


  •  Start emotional campaigns

  • Social Media, Word-Of-Mouth


  • Creativ interaction with your customers


  • Improve brand image


  • Increase Sales and revenue


  • Reward customer loyalty

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