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We are creating strong communities around the world with the exclusive platform and social network for the creative industries UnofEx. The fast growing community with more then 500 members is the best place in the market for individuals and companies who are looking to make new contacts in the film, entertainment, music, fashion, luxury and art industry. The platform offers branding opportunities at exclusive members events and digital advertising opportunities to get your message to a well educated and professional audience. 

As a marketer and advertiser you are always looking for creative ways to reach your audience. Through live events, we create opportunity to make your brand the center of an unique experience.

Learn more about about events & advertising opportunities at the official UnofEx Website:


Music is a universal language and allows companies approach customers in a less commercial and a more engaging way. Opportunities for product placement and reaching younger audiences are encouraging an increasing number of brands to use music videos as an essential component of their campaigns.

Targeting consumers on Video Streaming channels like YouTube or Vimeo has proved highly effective, to such an extent that we believes music videos will become the future of creative marketing.

Customized solutions

Devamag is a reliable partner which offers customized solutions in the areas of Branded Entertainment and Product Placement and demonstrates their power values. 


With years of experience in the music and media industry and our keen sense of current trends, we are a competent consultant and guide you in choosing the ideal artists and compositions for the effective communication of your brand and your product.

Are you interested in marketing your product in a music video?
We have a selection of current music projects and videos that may fit your message.

Contact our Team:

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