Our Devamag Design Division Designcloud is a leading digital agency for the development of exciting web, mobile app solutions & digital services with excellent design and software concepts in Europe and the USA.

We build custom, integrated, digital services with excellent design concepts for the development of unique digital costumer experiences.

Our focus is based on the belief that a strong usability, design and technology solution is the most effective response to strengthening the long-term success of any digital activity as a brand. We come together to work together to understand your ideas and create a special digital experience that delivers measurable results and the assurance that each part will be analyzed, constructed and implemented using the best technology on the market.



As a premium partner for large and medium sized companies, we specialize in the requirements of companies from the, luxury,  entertainment, travel, technology, film, and art industries as well as ambitious start-ups in Europe and the USA.


Our team of developers and designers has more than 12 years of industry experience, managing projects across Europe and the US.

Our focus is on product-oriented solutions (websites or apps that do something) and on campaign-based solutions (websites or apps that sell something). We are passionately pursuing the cutting edge of mobile apps and web solutions. We work with above-average ambition and commitment to produce the most beautiful and functional user experience.


With Devamag Design want to help you to create something wonderful that can change your region or even the world. The combination of functionality with world-class design is our specialty.

Devamag Production - if you’re looking for a talented team with years of experience, committed to excellence and your success, to create a masterpiece of your songs and take you to the next level, make a project request.