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Founder & CEO

Deivis Hernandez Valdes (Deivis H. Valdes) is a tech entrepreneur, director, designer and producer with activities in the automotive, film, luxury and fashion industry. 

Earlier Career  

In addition to his career as an IT engineer and software developer his earlier career began in 2008 in the recording industry as an independent producer and recording engineer. 


IT communication Engineer & IT Management: Austria, Germany

Harvard Business School: Global Business Degree -  (Harvard University US)

Works as a Producer

In 2010, Deivis H Valdes’s production project called "Dave Valdez"  made it to the Austrian, Swiss Dance Charts and the German charts, a major personal milestone for Deivis Hernandez Valdes. His third single, "Achy Breaky Heart", which was a cover production of the hit US country song by Billy Ray Cyrus (US Songwriter and Actor), reached #26 on the Austrian Dance Charts in cooperation with Universal Music Austria.

In 2011, Deivis Hernandez Valdes released the international single, Revolution. Throughout this time frame of rapid development and successes, Deivis H Valdes was making another important contributions to the music industry by developing international productions and film concepts for major companies. 

​In 2012, Deivis founded the entertainment and holding company Devamag, Inc., headquartered in the US with the aim of investing  and developing corporations and brands from the founder's specialist areas. These include companies in the tech, fashion, film and automotive industries.


As a technology supplier for the luxury automotive industry, the Swiss-based company holds trademark and franchise rights in over 30 countries.

From sports car rentals & sharing, supercar co-ownership, supercar experiences and supercar concierge, Supercar Sharing® covers a wide spectrum of the sports car world in their own locations and storages. 

With the market-leading platform for sports car co-ownership, Supercar Sharing® offer a community of +800 members an own developed Co-Ownership system for sports cars. Here, international and national sports car collectors can buy fractional shares of sports cars at will and become co-owners of one or more selected sports cars for a fraction of the purchase price.

President UNOFEX Organization: 

His personal and professional relationships with artists, designers, leaders and filmmakers led in 2017 to the creation of the international platform Union of Excellence (UNOFEX LLC New York/ UNOFEX AG Switzerland) - headquartered in New York City with chapters in Monaco and Zurich Switzerland.  The UNOFEX network now has over 2,000 verified members and organizes the international recognized UNOFEX film awards which has criticized and awarded over 1000 films.

Works as Creative Director & Designer: 

Deivis H. Valdes is also a passionate designer and creative director.

He works with companies and brands from the premium, luxury and creative industries, directing and branding enterprises like  Nº1 The World Most Luxurious Cream, Jet4Business, Elmar Parfums and made many further contributions as a Designer for Private Clubs and lifestyle companies.


Further Activities:

Deivis H. Valdes is member of the Amensty Internation, member of the Swiss Foraus Assocation which advocates constructive foreign policy in Europe and Switzerland. 

Deivis Hernandez Valdes at  the UNOFEX Swiss Film Awards



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