Our division Devamag Music produce high-quality customized music for individual customers, TV or Film production companies. We provide integrated custom score composition, recording, and production of music for visual media. We also provide recording and production services for other musicians in state-of-the-art recording studios in the USA, France, Italy Germany and UK.

Production Services: Album Production | Songwriting | Recording | Mixing Mastering

Scoring Services: Feature Film Score Short |  Film Score Documentary | Film Score

Animation Film | Score Advertisement Music | TV series | Video Game Music |

Theatre Music

The engineering skills of our producers and partners, based on decades of recording, and our own musicianship, will transform songs into a rich tapestry of audio excellence.  

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Unlimited by our New York location, our clientele are both national and international clients. We are able provide studio musicians, studio bands, the finest recording equipment and studios wherever you are.


Our production partners are based in:

US: Los Angeles, New York

Europe: Berlin, Vienna, London, Monaco, Cannes, Paris, Milan, Zurich,  

Devamag Production - if you’re looking for a talented team with years of experience, committed to excellence and your success, to create a masterpiece of your songs and take you to the next level, make a project request.



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