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Talent Scouting


Become a Devamag Artist 

We’re Always Looking for New Talent

Our goal in the musical field: Discover, support and promote artists and unique talents. 


Whether pop song, dance track, country or black music album. We are looking for talents who combine passion, skill, persuasiveness for music and entertainment with professionalism and know that the use of targeted creativity is crucial. Devamag Music is a home for a new generation of artists that supports this vision with the aim to generate joint success. We give you the opportunity to start or extend your professional music career with us. Read the tips and tricks to a promising start with us.

Tips and tricks for career start

Please understand that due to the numerous submissions, personal feedback can not always be done. Basically all demos submitted to Devamag Music are examined in detail. In the case of interest on our part, we will contact you. Therefore, please state telephone number and email address.


If there is no feedback within 4 weeks, it can be assumed that we unfortunately do not see enough appendages for collaboration with Devamag Music. Submitted demos will no longer be returned. We must therefore ask you not to send us any masters.


How can I apply as a singer or as a band at Devamag?


It's very simple. There are 2 ways to submit a demo.

By mail or linking to your Artist Page.  Send us your email demos as download stream. We prefer to receive requests via our artist representation form as we ask for all relevant information to get a better idea about your person and your work.  You can also send us your demo to:


For linking to your artist page, please pay attention to the instructions of the online scouting on the right side.

Demos are accepted only via online submission and email. Unfortunately physical demos can no longer be considered!

Online Scouting


We are always looking for undiscovered talents. For this we use the web with its numerous social platforms to scout for new talent to our projects or label. Do you have a meaningful online presence on Youtube, SoundCloud, Instagram or other platforms? Then apply via our representation form or send us a link to a fan page or artist page including application to: 


What are the next steps?


In case that you arouses our interest, we will get in touch with you and discuss together about career and opportunities.



What to do if no demo exists?


Your demo is the basis to win a  hearing and attract attention by our artist manager and Devamag A&R Team. As a singer, you have many opportunities to sing on existing playbacks. In every town, every village there is a studio, or musicians that have recording facilities. Find out who is reliable and trustworthy in your region, and convinced him to take up your demo, realize your ideas! That has not always cost a lot of money, because if you're persuasive, everyone wants to work with you!

What requirements should you bring to join the Devamag Artist Family?




It is not enough if you sing a little, or can move, or your parents and siblings are delighted when you sing in the shower. As a talent, there is more to it than that. We are interested in exceptional voices and personalities, conspicuous bands, songwriters and producers. Do you think to be able to measure yourself with the current stars, and you still stand out from them?


At feasts or other events you realize that the audience is thrilled and feels addressed by you. Strangers come up to you to address your voice and your performance. One of your songs is becoming a crowd favorite on the web or live. These are the first signs of striking talent.




The unbridled will to become a star is a prerequisite on the path to success. Convince the doubters by performance and faith in you. If you doubt yourself, then you should see the benefits and the concept reconsider, improve and only then come up to us!



All previously mentioned points require one thing above all: courage! Courage for self-expression, courage to make decisions, to learn courage for self-criticism, courage to take risks, courage to defeat and not give up the courage!




The road to success requires a lot of work, patience, strength, just endurance. Have you finally made your first professional recording, your first song is commercially available then it really starts. Endurance and discipline are always needed to have permanent success in the music business can and not to become a "one hit wonder" that no one wants to know in half a year.




Talents who sing well and be able to dance, there are many of them. What is needed is your creativity to stand out from the crowd. This applies to your styling, your performance and your choice of songs. Frighten instead to bore! 


The team of Devamag wishes you all the best.

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