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The Future of Super car mobility | Supercar Sharing


You've probably heard of car sharing, but supercar sharing? 
Yes, Supercar Sharing is car sharing at the highest level with the most luxurious supercars and hypercars that the world currently offers.

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Written by Devamag Editor | 17. Aug, 2021

The first revolutionary company with such a luxury car sharing concept is Supercar Sharing from Zurich, Switzerland, founded by supercar enthusiasts.


In a nutshell:

Supercar Sharing is the world's first crowdfunding platform for supercars only. As an investor of a supercar, you become a co-owner for shared use of the vehicle you purchase. This is something totally new compared to conventional sharing, leasing or long-term rental business models.


The difference:

With previous business models such as car rental, a client is only able to use a vehicle for a limited time. But Beyond that, you have no further claims. The same applies to subscriptions-based car sharing models and leasing. As a user of such services, you have always been limited to using the vehicle for a certain period of time. This also means that you are not financially involved in the sale, ownership etc. of the vehicle. So, here you spend money on something you don't own. Smart business people know that. But where is the solution?



Supercar sharing has changed the way of inefficient vehicle financing. 

The company offers the unique opportunity to become a co-owner of a vehicle that is financed through crowdfunding.

It means that you can use the vehicle with other owners almost without limit. However, the restriction is not limited in time but to annual kilometers in order not to overuse the supercar. And in contrast to the subscription (long-term rental), an annual renewal tariff is not due, because the car belongs to you.

The maintenance costs as well as the insurance costs are shared jointly with the other owners of the supercar. Digital booking software and sophisticated administrative management make the whole process even simple and transparent for all parties.


The Brands

Supercar Sharing only offers shares in exclusive vehicles such as Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche, McLaren and certain hypercar models like Koenigsegg, Pagani and Bugatti.


So, what are the benefits from owning a car with Supercar Sharing?

  • You become the owner, not the tenant

  • Savings through cost sharing

  • No risk - we guarantee that

  • Bank-independent financing

  • Sustainable commitment

  • Easily buy and sell shares 

You can find more information about this revolutionary car sharing model at their website