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The UNOFEX (Union of Excellence) founded in 2017 by a panel of industry experts led by the CEO and Committee Member Deivis H.Valdes, unites  an exceptional community and network of accredited professionals worldwide working within the Film & TV, fashion, Entertainment, and Art Industry. 


Since 2017 the UNOFEX also remains as one of the the first organizations who assigns Accreditation Badges in 5 major areas of the creative industry. Until now the panel of experts of the UNOFEX  has accredited hundreds of UNOFEX members and professionals including award winning talent, leaders and global operating corporations.

The UNOFEX is built on 3 pillars with focus on, Accreditation, Empowering careers and Social Events for members.

Becoming a member of the Union of Excellence is one of the best ways that professionals can solidify their stance in their respective industries and position themselves as an accredited member. Therefore UNOFEX works to strengthen the careers of its members by providing more visibility and professional guidance. By connecting members and opening the door for powerful international networking, UNOFEX facilitates the perfect environment for working together in the creative market. For those seeking out ways to give back to their community, joining others in the industry by attending UNOFEX fabulous events and award shows attended by VIP's from Fashion, Entertainment and Film, allows for planning powerful strategies,  networking and showcasing excellence to a global public.

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Members at a Union of Excellence Event in Monaco @unionofexcellence


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